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Cleaning the rental property you are soon vacating is a mandatory exercise that many tenants seem to take lightly. In most lease agreements, both parties signed in agreement that the property must be clean at the time of exit as it was at the time of entry. Such cleaning is normally called an End of Tenancy Cleaning. It is normal to be preoccupied in the details of the new home you are moving into, but your previous residence should be left in a presentable state. Remember how particular you were about cleanliness when you were moving in? The tenant who comes in after you most likely is asking for the same thing. Well, it is understandable if you do not seem to find ample time to do the cleaning yourself. Besides, professional cleaners are experienced in such jobs and would know how and where to clean. 

What about the cost? End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices often vary from one service provider to another and even for the professional you pick, various aspects contribute to the final price. Here is a general guide on End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices estimates you should expect to pay for end of tenancy cleaning. The options provided below cover the period nearing the move and after the move; 

Regular cleaning – consider this as all the activities you would do when carrying out weekly cleaning for your house. Actually, this level of cleaning can be done with most of the furniture in the house. Expect to pay an average of £15 per hour. 

Deep cleaning – the purpose of this level of cleaning is to remove dirt that has accumulated over time. The focus is mostly on bathrooms and kitchen where water has a tendency to cause stubborn stains. Depending on the number of bathrooms and sinks around the house, the cost of this exercise should be between £130 and £265.

End of tendency cleaning – when you get your last piece of property out of the house you are vacating, this is when the cleaners will move in for this level of cleaning. You might not need to instruct them on what to do because the work they have done on other properties makes them well-informed. Ultimately, they will be cleaning every corner of the house, windows, drains, carpets, upholstery and fittings. The average price for an End of Tenancy Cleaning comes as £130 – £220. 

Carpet cleaning – if there was a carpet at the time you were moving in, it must have discolored or developed stains over time. The price of cleaning the carpets will depend on how many they are and their sizes. Expect to pay between £45 and £105.

With these rough estimates, you are likely to get better bargains by comparing different providers and negotiating so that you can obtain the best possible End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices.