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Does your kitchen need a face lift?

When you decide to give your kitchen a facelift, you’ll discover that there are more choices for kitchen cabinetry than you could have imagined. There is more to refinishing, resurfacing and refacing kitchen cabinets than the selection of colors and styles for the kitchen. You also need to ensure that you have the right contractor to ensure the best results. That is where we come in.

Some TLC for your home’s most used room

Your kitchen is probably the most active room in the home and your kitchen cabinets are one of the most prominent fixtures in the kitchen. The cabinets are in constant use for storage and other activities. They also contribute a great deal to the aesthetics of the kitchen. It is therefore essential to ensure that your cabinets receive the right care and attention to give your kitchen that special touch.

We therefore work towards both ends when carrying out the installation of your cabinets. Properly installed cabinets not only look stunning but will also function as they are designed to.

We offer you three undeniable virtues for your kitchen renovation project:

  • A wide variety of services and products to choose from
  • Unmatched skills in the executions of the work
  • Extensive experience in customer satisfaction

Don’t want to replace

If you don’t want to replace your cabinets, we can work with what you have available. We will provide an accurate assessment of the condition of your cabinets. We’ll also seek to understand what you want to achieve from your renovation project. Our team will then be able to identify elements that we can preserve and provide you with different options from which you can choose.

We offer a wide variety of options

The success of any renovation project relies heavily on the planning of the project. The work involved in the renovation processes will depend largely on the method used for the renovation. We specialize in two primary methods:

  • Refacing – This is a method similar to both refinishing and installing new cabinets. It involves the installation of an entirely new surface and may also involve the installation of new drawer faces, cabinet doors and hardware.
  • Refinishing – this involves retaining existing materials and elements. The work is done to provide a new stain or color scheme. It may involve the careful removal and replacement of some hardware, shelves, some deep cleaning or stripping depending on the condition of the cabinets.

Let us inspire and transform your kitchen

Kitchen cabinets contribute a great deal to the appearance of your kitchen. It therefore makes sense that decisions about the cabinets ought to be made in collaboration with you, the customer. We provide you with the expertise, experience and skills to get the job done.

If you are hoping to achieve more than a simple paint job then we are the company you should talk to. We provide craftsmanship and artistry in all our projects. We offer a wide range of services including painting, kitchen renovation and other house remodeling services.

Contact us now for more information! We look forward to answering your queries.