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Need a house painter in Darwin or thinking of doing it yourself?

Are you renovating? Perhaps looking to sell your house and need to re-paint it for  sale?  Maybe you’re just plain tired of your 1990’s colour choice and  ready for a change? 

Popular question!  TV shows  like The Block make it look all too easy, so many people make the mistake of  tackling renovations without expert advice or trades  backgrounds.

Like any business, I take the approach of ‘stick to your core 
business and strengths’.  

I don’t do my own mechanics or electrics.  
Probably could, but the outcome might be astronomic failure.  
It is the same with any trade work you are tempted to do around your 

What TV shows and magazines don’t show are the failures, the
additional time and budget costs, and the absolute frustration and disappointment that DIY renovators feel when they have made a 

 Pitfalls for DIY house painters  :

  • Poor  preparation
  • Incorrect  quantities purchased resulting in separate paint batches and colour  variations
  • The wrong  product for the surface – resulting in paint peeling
  • Dust and  dirt on the walls  mixing with the paint causing  discolouration
  • Paint  splashes on furniture, and worse, on  polished floor  boards
  • Poor  coverage due to insufficient coats or thin paint
  • Wrong  paint for the wrong surface
  • Cheap  paint
  • Cheap  brushes and rollers
  • Bad  technique
  • Lack of  knowledge of the overall process
  • Poor  sub-straight
  • Why employ a professional Painter?

    Need a house painter in Darwin?

     Many of my clients say “I was going to do it  myself but….”   And the reason for them eventually hiring a professional painter 
    do vary, but most often it comes down to the quality of the finish, the time  saved and the overall look of their home after its been totally refreshed by a  professional house painter.   

    A good painter won’t spill paint over your  leather lounge suite, splatter the polished floorboards with overspray, slip  with the paintbrush onto the ceiling, or paint the dog! 

    They won’t take up all  of your valuable spare time over several months which makes the wife cranky,  hubby tired, and the kids bored and irritable.  

    They shouldn’t go over budget  by buying the wrong paint or materials, and they won’t stop you going fishing or on holidays for the entire dry season (which is what happens when you paint it  yourself).

     The benefits of a professional house painter:  
  •  The job is completed on time and on budget
  •  Professional products give a really spectacular finish 
  • You don’t have to clean up 
  • The house  gets painted while you are at work, so it doesn’t take up your valuable time
  • You get  to go fishing or go on holidays, whilst the work gets done for  you
  • The job will last a LOT longer than a DUI paint job, because the preparation and  painting is done by a professional
  • 5 times  out of 10, DUI painters call in a professional to fix the mistakes or finish  half the job, and most of it has to be re-painted 
  • The other  5 out of 10 will see your home and wish they had a quality professional painter,  because your home will look so much